Your windshield is not just glass. It's technology.

Heads-up Displays (HUDs) and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) are quickly becoming standard features in most cars, making the windshield one of the most valuable components of your vehicle.

The sensors powering these advanced safety features are mounted on the windshield, which means they are prone to losing their calibration and diminishing efficacy the minute you have your windshield replaced.

The cost of recalibrating these sensors in addition to replacing the windshield has more than tripled the cost of replacing windshields, as discovered by this AAA study.

The world's most trusted windshield protection film.


ExoShield is six times more resistant to stone chips than standard automotive glass, which means it can prevent chips from most stones hitting your vehicle's windshield as fast as 140 km/hr.


ExoShield is built with advanced nanotechnology embedded in a multi-layer, dinstinctly transparent film, ExoShield delivers superior protection against stone chips and the toughest weather conditions.


The ExoShield Dealer Network is a worldwide network of authorized aftermarket stores and car dealerships with exclusive permission to offer ExoShield to vehicle owners and fleet-driven businesses.

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Experience ExoShield

Experience how a truly state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, razor-thin layer of nanotechnology can save you money & keep you safer.

Any time your vehicle's windshield is compromised by weather conditions or debris, it puts yours and your passengers' safety at risk. ExoShield extends the life of your windshield by integrating state-of-the-art nanotechnology onto your vehicle to help you avoid costly and time-consuming windshield replacements.

ExoShield is a thin, transparent film applied on the exterior surface of a windshield, just like automotive tint. The state-of-the-art nanomaterials behind ExoShield increase a windshield's impact resistance by 6 times and block 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.

Cost Savings

Heads-Up-Displays (HUD) and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) integrated on the windshield of millions of vehicles today require sophisticated and expensive recalibration at time of windshield replacement. These additional steps have skyrocketed windshield replacement costs for every vehicle by 5-10X to over $1,500 and more.

Windshield Replacements

Prevent expensive replacements with a windshield that is 6 times less likely to break with ExoShield.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Keep your insurance premiums low by keeping expensive windshield replacements off your claim record.

Higher Resale Value

Maximize your vehicle's resale value by replacing as few original OEM parts as possible.

UV Safety

ExoShield not only protects windshields from damage, but also keeps drivers safer on the road by maintaining an unobstructed view and lowering their risk of skin cancer with 99.9% UV rejection.

Skin Safety

Unlike traditional automotive glass, ExoShield blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays to help reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Interior Degradation

ExoShield keeps your car's interior looking brand new by preventing degradation from harmful ultra-violet radiation.

Eco Friendly

Lower GHG Emissions

Every time ExoShield saves you from a windshield replacement, it also prevents 20kg of greenhouse gases from being released into our environment.

Lower Landfill Waste

Did you know that windshields take over one million years to decompose? ExoShield helps you lower landfill waste, and when you replace your ExoShield, we’ll help you recycle it!


Optical Quality

>90% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

Only 1.5% loss in total windshield transmittance

<0.5% total windshield haze

99.9% Ultraviolet Rejection

Physical Properties

Thickness: 5-mil (125µm)

Bi-Directional Shrink: 1.2% x 0.8%

Pencil Hardness: 6H

Impact Resistance: 6X

First Class WarrantyTM

2 years / 50,000 km Manufacturer's Warranty included with all purchases

First Class Glass ProtectionTM available at time of purchase

Dealer Program

Low investment starter packages

Online registration and ordering portal

Complementary installation training program for all ExoShield Dealers

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